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Foxymojo & Co
a data-driven management consulting firm focus on helping companies to accelerate growth.

Business Advisory

CFO Service

Digital Transformation

Apps Development

We provide tailor-made independent advisory services focusing on building long-term and value-added relationships. Our clients and partners range from large organisations to startups and SME businesses who are striving to expand.

What the Board Needs to Know

Corporate leadership may not realize how much of their own mindsets and behaviors must change for the organization to thrive in digital business. Digitally remastered industries demand bold innovative leadership. While maximizing certainty is desired, an overreliance on industrial-era thinking creates dangerous blind spots.



Photo with Tan Sri Azman Hashim during presentation to the Board of Malaysia South-South Association.

Committed To The Highest International Standards

We believe that shareholders deserve a respectable return on their investment and the pride of being involved with a company that is doing great things for the market and its employees. We also believe that customers deserve the best products and services, delivered in the most efficient, friendly manner, for a fair value. We believe that happy employees make happy customers, and happy customers make happy shareholders. To aid in achieving this, we believe that organizations of all types and sizes deserve access to world-class consulting; not just the Fortune 500 companies.

Photo with our client: CloudCherry – a SaaS Customer Experience Management Platform, headquarters is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Cisco acquires CloudCherry to enhance contact center CX.

The Principles Which Propel Us Forward

We believe that All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. We believe in Inclusivity Globalization. As more and more people use new applications and devices more intensively and for more activities, and Internet-of-things devices and services proliferate, data have become a critical development resource. The ability of companies to access, collect and refine digital data increasingly determine the effectiveness with which frontier technologies can be deployed to support the Sustainable Development Goals.



Photo with UNCTAD & Alibaba Group – Atasha was invited to share his input on Digitalization to Development during UNCTAD eCommerce Week 2019.

Future-Proof Your Business

Every business is vulnerable to threats like running out of cash or getting outcompeted, but too few entrepreneurs consider simply becoming irrelevant as technology and trends advance. Business environments are always evolving, with new technologies on the horizon and constantly changing consumer demands and preferences wreaking havoc on the best-laid plans. If you want your business to have the best possible chance to survive, you need to future-proof it (Forbes).



Photo with our clients : PetroHorizon (headquarters in Kuala Lumpur) and Modestrove London (Headquarters in London) during one of our visioning workshop session to identify new revenue growth, bridging startup and corporate.

Extensive International Business Network

We have access to more than 40 countries across Asia, Europe, USA, UK and Africa.

Embracing Diversity & Cultural Differences

Embracing Cultural differences is key to a successful International Business. For example, Japan has established a unique business culture particularly in international business which originates back to the nation’s isolation policy where Japan closed its door to foreign countries for more than 200 years during the 17 th to 19 th century under the Tokugawa Shogunate era, finally opening to Western trade in 1853. Largely or partly due to the above, many of the local businesses are yet accustomed to international business with the exception of multinational corporations and major general trading companies known as the Sogoshoshas that have expanded their businesses globally at an early stage. Many small and medium business enterprises had long focused on domestic demand where often businesses were practiced based on the spirit of cooperation or mutual harmony.


Photo with Dr Nobuo Sayama, Chairman of Skymark Airlines who hosted Atasha during his business visit to Tokyo.

Bridging Startup Ecosystem between Malaysia & Global Markets

Success will come to those companies that tap into global networks and can meet global standards. The ability to link local business to the global economy is key to future-proof a business due to increasing competitiveness in global market, investment in disruptive solutions and industry consolidation and transformation.

Des ponts se créent entre nos structures pour permettre à nos entrepreneurs de tisser des liens avec l’Asie du Sud-Est 😉🌏

Photo with our partner : BoostInLyon, a non-profit organization aims to unite a community of entrepreneurs in Lyon, France.

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